Gradually, and then suddenly.

I am 30 days clean from heroin and needles. I am not completely abstinent from all drugs, to be clear. In that 30 days I have used 2 8mg suboxone (not to get high), insufflated meth twice, taken a few 1mg Xanax to take the edge off when needed, and an abundance of cannabis. No heroin and no needles for 30 days and to me, that’s HUGE. You are lying to yourself if faced with the choice between you or them, that you would willingly choose to sleep on the street. Until you have been in that situation, know what it feels like to be hungry, and wonder where you are going to sleep at night, you don’t know what you would do. Human nature is designed that way. Self preservation. And lastly, please do not mistake this as me playing the victim. I know what I am, and what I am not, and frankly that is all that matters to me. The opinions of strangers, especially those of whom I have never met, are of no concern to me. My choices are what have driven me to be homeless, and rest assured that fact is not lost on me. There is no distinguishing between addicts and junkies. They all follow the same progression, whether slowly or quickly, and the destination is the same for everyone who continues to use heroin or any drug: jails, institutions, or death.

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