The difference.

I have stood at the edge of death and come back, so realize what I say on here is drawn from my experiences as a homeless dope fiend junkie thieving felon. Heroin steals your soul and replaces it with something dark and different. We are all addicts here, but we all have different bottoms; we all have different standards on what we will allow ourselves to do, or how low we can go. I don’t fear most things, but my lack of fear terrifies me. I have seen death, and heroin made me not afraid to die. I know what the future holds for me. I know what I am, and what I have done, and what I am capable of doing because experience has taught me that. That is the difference between us. What will you do when your back is against the wall, when you are so far down that you have to build your OWN ladder. That will show you who you really are.

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