The constant reminders.

I am approaching sixty days of sobriety but I still struggle as if I were on Day One. Today I am reflecting on the things that have happened in my life to  make me really appreciate these sober days, no matter how boring I think they are. It is because I have really been struggling lately that I have to remind myself where I have allowed heroin to take me. Today I woke up in my warm bed, hearing the quiet hum of the only laptop I haven’t had to pawn for dope yet. I did not have to go to bed last night wondering where I was going to sleep, or if I was going to be too sick in the morning to even get up. I got to watch “The Wire” and eat chocolate, after a dinner I didn’t have to steal from the grocery store. I didn’t have to spend four hours and drive across Houston at two in the morning to meet the dopeman, or stop at the gas station bathroom on the way back to a shit motel room to shoot dope with a police officer outside. I didn’t have to do any of that because today I am sober, and today I am grateful.

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